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The first Rover lawn mower rolled off the production line in 1956, and through the years ever since, we have learnt a few things about lawns and lawn mowers.

A lot has changed since your Grand-dad bought his first trusty Rover, but our dedication to building tough, reliable lawn mowers remains as strong now as it was then.

Today's Rover lawn mowers are such a pleasure to use that the task of maintaining your lawns is no longer a chore.

Discover the joy a Rover lawnmower can bring to your gardening routine, and take pride in creating your perfect outdoor oasis to enjoy with family and friends. And of course for bigger backyards and blocks, Rover also offers a range of time-saving Ride-On and Zero Turn Mowers.

Rover's industry-leading 5-year unit and engine warranty gives added peace of mind. Enjoy year after year of reliable mowing with Rover.

Whether you prefer a traditional push mower, or the effortless ease of a self-propelled mower, Rover has the perfect rotary mower for every lawn enthusiast.

Rover offers a range of residential lawnmower models for all block sizes, from small courtyards up to large backyards of an acre or more.

For over 65 years, Rover has been building exceptional quality garden and lawn maintenance equipment.

All Rover ride on mowers powered by Rover or Kawasaki engines come with our industry-leading 5-year domestic warranty on both the motor and unit for added peace of mind.



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